I’m thinking of buying a CDG Play tee but ugh I really don’t know which one

Q: What do you mean you're sick? What happened?

Hah yea yesterday before lunch my blood sugar dropped or something so my heart raced, I felt really nauseous and and like I was about to faint so I took a taxi back to the hotel.
And I continued feeling nauseous the rest of the day and basically all of today but I’ve been able to enjoy London and shop today so it’s ok :) and I feel a lot better now.

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I bought that Calvin Klein cotton bralette and omg it’s the most comfortable bra I’ve ever had I’m going back to buy one in white tomorrow.

Lol I’m sick today too.
Well this was a fun trip to London..

Q: hey do you understand french ?

Nah not much.

Fun fact: I studied French for 4 years and got the highest grade :/

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I’m ill and alone in the hotel suite so please keep me company