We have all made. A very grave error. We were wrong. We were so wrong.




This heat, I can’t sleep

This heatwave can suck my dick

The boys in Copenhagen are A+ but it’s such a turn off when they open their mouth and speak Danish (lmao did you know Danish babies learn to understand their parents talking a lot later than in the rest of the world, there must be something wrong with that)

Go out for a run or white wine and shrimps with mum?


Lykke Li | Sleeping Alone

Q: Hey, what other Bjork songs or similar music would you recommend?

Just go through her tracks on Spotify and you’ll find something you like.
The only ones I can say are pretty similar are Sigur Rós and Fever Ray.

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Q: Hola!! Well Amanda from Sweden, this is Diego from Ecuador. Well, now that you said that nobody asks you stuff, I will. I want to move to Europe next year maybe Sweden or Denmark. Is fashion a big thing in Sweden? Do you know a good fashion school in Sweden?

Id say we’re pretty successful in fashion considering what a small country it is.
We’re very proud of Acne haha.
The best fashion schools here I’d say are Beckmans in Stockholm and The Swedish School Of Textiles in a town called Borås.

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